"What Clients Say"

“When you work with Mike, you’ll soon discover his talent of consolidating information into a logical format.  Mike challenges us to move our communications forward and works well to respect our wishes when we need to adhere to a common voice.  As a freelance writer, he’s creative, dependable, assertive, self-directed, and open to directional changes.  All of these skills are critical to a successful writing project.  If you’re thinking about asking Mike to help with a project, I suggest you give him a try.  You’ll be pleased with his work.”

  Brenda MellerMarketing Director, Walsh College

"Wordsmith LLC was recommended to me by a mutual colleague to develop the copy for our new membership booklet project.  I was very happy with the personal service, attention to detail and timliness which resulted.  Principal Mike Imirie was dedicated to this project and was very helpful with suggestions and ideas.  His words helped create the feel that we, as a Club, wanted our prospective members to walk away with."

  Jennifer Ealovega, Membership Marketing Manager, Village Club of Bloomfield Hills


"Mike Imirie helped me edit, proof, and write the ending to an institutional history book: A Place on the Hill: A History of the Epsilon Chapter (NY) of the Sigma Phi Society Celebrating Seventy-Five Years at One Forest Park Lane.  For me, Mike was a guiding light in the darkness of "writer’s block." The sheer exhaustion that can consume even the most earnest and steadfast effort to complete a novel, essay, or marketing campaign requires someone who understands the passion and anxiety that accompanies any effort to make a living with the written word.  He is as advertised – a wordsmith. But more, Mike worms his way into the writer’s soul to become a mirror, confidant, and - if needed - a splash of cold water. For anyone who wishes to put forth a polished and professional product in the form of one’s written expression…Imirie is priceless."

   Tom Hostage, Principal, Bespoke History LLC

"Wordsmith's service is excellent. Mike consistently meets timelines and is always willing to go the extra mile. Wordsmith has helped outside perception of our organization grow in many ways....from rebuilding our 3-day agent training manuals on one hand to enhancing the image of our organization via improving our corporate newsletter on the other..."

   Lana Tapani, Operations Vice President, American Association of Wartime Veteran

"I've worked with Mike for over 12 years, and have had the pleasure of seeing what an amiable, highly competent editor he is. His skills in writing and editing are matched with his remarkable photographic talent. I look forward to our next project together.”          
   Bill Beckley, Owner , Springhill Graphics 

"Mike Imirie works diligently and with much insight.  He has a strong command of the English language and uses it in appropriate and creative ways. Most importantly, he follows through on his commitments.  As a bonus, he's a genuinely fun guy to be around, able to lighten the environment around him.  It's always a pleasure to collaborate or coordinate with Imirie on project work."        

    Erik Schnurstein, Project Manager / Technology Planner , Ford Motor Company

“I have had an ongoing association with Mike Imirie over the last 30 years. During that time I have worked with him on matters relating to our fraternity and have had the pleasure to have read a substantial volume of his work as writer and editor for our national publication.  In addition to excellent technical writing skill, Mike has a distinct, warm voice that conveys passion and eloquence.”

   Jeff Seigle, Vice President of Delivery , PPS InfoTech 

"Your suggested modifications are excellent... just as expected.   The only question...how did I ever get by without your help in the past?   Kind of like fax machines and e-mails, you are rapidly becoming irreplaceable, Mike!" 

     Michael Klement
, Principal, Architectural Resource